Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Mom life by River Babe Threads

Everyone live and does mom life different and no one is perfect, but every mom out there is doing a wonderful job. Every just want a shirt to show people you are about that mom life, well look no further than River Babe Threads. It's a shop for not only us moms, but also for the rest of the family with some amazing stuff. And at the moment she has a special line for mother's day, so not sure what to get that special lady in your life well here you go.

I was given an amazing opportunity to wear one of those Mom life shirts, and let me tell you I wear it proud. Mom life for me is 24/7, as I'm a stay at home mom. My life is getting up at 5 in the morning send my husband off to work with breakfast and coffee, sometimes a workout, sometimes my son wakes up early and does not nap at all. Mom life has it days where I need a bottle of something strong and a bubble bath ok maybe just a nice hot Everyday that I get of being a mom I count them as a blessing and thankful even the tough/rough days because let's be honest those days patience can be tested, but hey that mom life! 

With that being said River Babe Threads shirts are made with great material, and some shirts run big and some run true to size. The mom shirt I own is a little big on me, but I make it work and it is so comfortable. You know there is not only cute shirts for us mom, there is also a line for the dads(hint father's day is around the corner), and of course a cute line for the kids. Check out the shirt my son's is wearing out to lunch:

And here is pictures of me!  This is everyday life and what else is a perfect way to captured my mom life shirt with my little man. No photo shoot,  No make up(which is normal, unless something special), hair in a bun, and my eyebrows need to be done. I'm not the one to hide because I want to be honest that some days well most days mom life look like this for me.

Now you need a mom life shirt for yourself or a shirt for your family member or just a gift for someone special head to River Babe Threads. Here is the website:  

Thanks for reading! 


I love mom life!! 

What's my name?

What's my name?

Is what my 2 in half year old is practicing saying and tracing, thanks to Chalk full of design. If you haven't heard of Chalk full of design on, you should go check it out.

The owner is a mommy and wife name Lindsay who wanted to create a simple chalkboard where her and husband could write special notes to each other, than from there she create other things that you will see in her shop that has become very popular.

I had the opportunity to review yet other chalkboard from her shop, and yes these are my honest opinions. I stated above what's my name...well that is what my 2 in half year old is learning as he knows how to say it, but doesn't know how to spell it or trace it just yet. But now thanks to his personalized chalkboard he is on the road to practicing, tracing, and soon he will be able say each letter as he trace it and say it on top of that. As I'm doing this with my son I'm thinking where was this at when I was growing up! I'm so glad that we have this one and the numbers because now we can practice with him, and when he start school he won't have a problem writing his name, numbers as he started at a young age learning. 

I may have started him at a young age but it's not everyday nor all day long he's learning, he's a kid I let him have fun but I do set aside time of learning. As you will see in the pictures I sit with him, help him, and let him try to do it on his own. Especially in one of the picture you will see that he was into it as we were tracing the letters.

Chalk full of designs has learning chalkboards, quotes, even update the baby bump or monthly updates for the baby, she even offers personalized ones, blanks ones, and so much. She also offers package deals as well for two or three chalkboards, and for a few dollars more it will come with a white marker. But not to worry if you don't get the white marker, any chalk will work and to top it off its easy to clean. These chalkboard will grow with my son as he grows, as well as so easy and lightweight to carry and move around.

So head on over to her shop,  look at her products and maybe pick up one or two items from me you will love them as much as we do.


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter

Happy Easter my wonderful readers!!

Today has been a fun filled day with thanking the Lord for giving us this beautiful day, and for all he has done for us. Than with kicking off with a egg hunt a week ago on Saturday, another one the day before Easter, than one today on Easter with a confetti fight and a kickball game. My son had a lot of practice and has become a pro with getting the eggs...yes at 2 in a half, he's a pro already!  Before the day got started my son found a surprised as well as my husband from the Easter bunny, which they both loved and my son kept saying WOW, look, see, thank you mama and dada...he is just to cute. Again as each day I get I'm always thankful and today was extra special.

It has been a busy week with kicking off my husband three day weekend with a date night for mommy and daddy, to a birthday party/egg hunt, and than today Easter Sunday with more family time with lots more eggs, confetti fight, kickball game, and more goodies from my brother in law to my son.

Easter 2017/weekend was a memorable one and will be unforgettable...can't wait to see what Easter 2018/weekend has in store for us.


P.S Check back on this posted for pictures ! 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Goodbye March and went like this...Hello April

This is how my March went..well it went great it was busy for sure, but a lot of memories were made.

Well we started with

Had a fun playdate with a friend of our at the trampoline park next to our house.

A mommy and son snocone date

Going to the Rodeo on St. Patrick's day to see 5th Harmony with our green on. My son second time going and a little older from last season. He enjoyed every bit of it and dance like crazy. It was different a memorable experience and a joyous one.

My son got to meet his great grandma on my husband side for the first time

We visit chuck e cheese unexpectedly and he enjoyed it to the fullest didn't even.

Dada took time off from work unexpectedly and much needed. We went to the zoo, rested and the last day we had lunch and went to Chuck E Cheese to have fun with dada.

Dada made bbq for us and enjoy a beautiful day outside with a few drinks.

Another than these things we relaxed a lot, watch a few good movies and laugh a lot as a family. As well as my work out is still going...not as strong but still going.

How was your March?


Now that April is here..let's say hello to April!! Stay tuned to see what's in store for us.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Our Rodeo Adventure with a toddler plus tips

Hello all! This passed Friday we went on a little adventure to the Rodeo, it was the second time going but first time this season. As we attend Rodeo each year it will be different experience as we have a growing little boy going with us. 

Here it goes but first lets rewind to last year, last year we went with a 1 in a half year old with a lot more stuff in troll with us plus a little boy who was just amazes with everything and still is and was barely learning how to talk. Now our 2017 rodeo adventure kicked off with daddy getting off of work early and we headed out. Tip 1: If you plan on going during spring break especially on a Friday and staying for the performance, get there around four.... It was a perfect time for a toddler. We found our designated parking lot since we had a parking pass and parked right up front across from the stadium. Got my son off the car, unloaded the diaper bag, and our stroller. Yes a stroller Tip 2: Take a lightweight stroller that folds easily and can be store easily under your chairs during the performance. All set up we head to the gates to check in and get our fun started. Tip 3: If carrying a diaper bag please have all the pockets open so they could scan though and make the process quick. Tip 4: One parent per a stroller. Tip 5: Have all things out of pockets and in the bucket so you could go though the metal detector quickly. Once we were clear from all that we were now on the grounds for our adventure. 

Tip 6: They have this right when you walked in plus information booths with volunteers handing out visitors guide booklets with maps and vendors in it. Also a wheelchair and scooter vendor, and maps all over the grounds.


Food, Rides, Games, Animals, Shops, Cowboys, Cowgirls, Music and Cold drinks oh my where do we start! Our adventure started with stopping at the information booth and talk to a volunteer who offer to help us find our next spot, and handed us a visitors guide with some helpful information which includes maps, food, and all the vendors on the grounds. Once we were done talking to him we took our son inside the NRG arena to the petting zoo where he try to ride a goat, yes a goat. Tip 7: When heading to the petting zoo it's free to get in, but no food or drinks allowed. Also there is a little fee if you like to feed the animals. As well as a stroller parking. Once we were done there we continued to walked the arena where they offer a lot of cool things for kids in the AGventure area such as honey bees, milking palor, birthing center, rabbits, poultry and so much more, but our favorite beside the petting zoo was the pony rides and pony pictures(small fee for both). Here is a picture of my little guy on the pony, yes we purchased the picture as it was just to cute not to get it. From there we walked the other side where the vendors were at to look around. 

Once done with that part we took a walked outside by this time we had already been there for two hours, they say time flies by when you are having fun and it's true it does! As we were walking we were hungry so we settle for a turkey leg and a sausage on a stick with a drink....all of us ate off of that because it was so big and so good. Tip 8: You could bring drinks and snacks inside the grounds, great for a toddler.  

More walking around as well as took more pictures, and ate things that we all enjoyed sorry no pictures got to into My boys saw model cars and had to take a look at the newer mustang as my husband loves mustang and well my son just loves cars and I happen to captured this cute picture. 

After that we stop by the famous reliant boot to captured a picture of us because that was the cool thing to do. 

Than we went inside the stadium to get ready for the livestock show, and the performance which was 5th harmony. First time seeing them in concert and it was a great show as well as we enjoyed seeing our dancing machine dance(our son), and of course he needed to get a cool light which he was amazes by it. Also note: 2 years and under are free, but if you have a toddler like mines that he thinks he needs his own chair than get an extra ticket, thankfully we had extra seats around us. Tip 9: Purchased a souvenir cup as they now have refills stations inside the stadium(we bought a cup on the grounds and we took it inside and got our refill(not sure if we could take the cup inside but no one told us anything.) After concert we walked some more before heading home and calling it a night! We made a stop at Kettle Korn of Texas to get a bag of kettle corn...very good and prices are wonderful a small bag is 4, medium is 6, and a large not sure on the price but the bags were a decent size. My favorite place to get kettle corn while there at the rodeo. Here are a few pictures. 

Finally before heading out the gate to our car we took a family photo in front of the Ferris wheel(don't mind my son he loved all the cool lights around him and the one he was holding). While heading to the exit gates we saw a line dance going on it in the middle of the grounds. Hey it's the Rodeo everyone was there for a good time and it happen! 

It was time to say bye to the Rodeo as it was fun, and we had a great time and it was another wonderful experience with my little guy. He was amazed with everything and mama, dada, see, wow, look, counting at the livestock show, trying to ride a goat, dancing with 5th harmony and so much more was all priceless. See you next season with a 3 in a half year old for different experience and first time on the be prepared for us! 

Again until next year,  but first lets give the last 3 tips: 

Tip 10: Packing a diaper bag 
Hand sanitizer 
Hand and face wipes for my little guy 
Extra clothes 
Light sweater just in case it gets cold at night 
Changing pad 
Thermal cup for ice water(which stay cold the whole time we were there)
And of course the lightweight stroller

Tip 11: Wear and dress comfortable 

Tip 12: Enjoy yourself and as a family, and create as many memories as you can

And than we take a selfie, sleep on the way home, and talk about the good time we have and can't wait for next year!


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Thursday, March 9, 2017

My Dear Two in half year old

What are we going to do with this time that is going by so fast. I remember when your daddy and I held your little self for the first time like it was yesterday, and now you are a growing boy a toddler at that. It makes my heart sad a little that my once baby boy is now a growing toddler, but than the things I see you do and how you have growing so much makes my heart happy. Since your second birthday in September to now being at the half mark of your second birthday has been a journey of learning new things, testing patience, and enjoying life!

Now my two in half year old son things have change from you wanting or trying to do things by yourself, to being a car and truck lover, a paw partol fan, a dancing machine, and everything involving racing and counting down at the starting line. You have also gone to your third movie theater trip to see lego batman which was a successful one beside the last 10 minutes...we will take it. Also went to your first quinceañera where you showed everyone your moves and precious memories where made that night. You have also been introduced to the big boy potty and we are slowly, but surely working on that as a team. You also love your puzzles, coloring, and just cuddling with us on the bed and watch tv, oh yeah playing rough with daddy, and keep us on our toes!

Finally my love as you are growing up I promise to continue to enjoy the good and bad days. To teach you something new everyday and continue to be proud of you as each day you have picked up on something or doing something different.

Now let's sit back and enjoy the next 6 months before you turn three on me!!



P.S. Stay tuned his next letter will be in September.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What went on in February and Hello March

Hello all! Here is the scoop for what went on the month on February:

My best son celebrated his 18th birthday
Superbowl was held in my hometown Houston, TX. We spend the day at home with some bbq by my husband.
My husband 34th birthday we celebrated with cupcakes and balloons along with a family dinner that night. Than my in laws took him to lunch the next day.
My son went to his first Monster Jam event and was the best experience went him, and as a family...can't wait to do it all over again next year
Valentine's day was great...we decided to eat at home because we didn't want to deal with a long wait time and crowds, especially since my 2 year old didn't nap at all that day. So I change the menu that night to chicken enchiladas, rice and charro beans along with Mexican crema. And for dessert we had chocolate strawberries and us adults had a bottle on wine, while our son enjoyed some fruit punch along with toast to end the night. You know I was with my boys and it was a one memorable Valentine's day.
We also took our son to see the Lego Batman movie, it was the third going but a first successful one well beside the last 10 minutes, but hey it was a start to something good.
We also slipped in a visit along with a homemade lunch from my grandma and ice cream for dessert with her
And finally it's month 2 of 2017 and working out is still strong.

Beside all this we also just spend time together as a family.

How was month 2 of 2017 for you?

Stay tuned to see what March holds in stores for us...with that being said

Hello March!!!!